Flu is More Serious Than You Think

Flu is an infectious disease that usually occurs during the winter months. Some people call a bad cold the flu however having the flu is really much worse. Symptoms include fever, chills, headache, aching muscles, cough and sore throat. For some it may just be a nasty experience but for others it can lead to more serious problems.

Who is at Risk?

  • Pregnant women
  • If you are aged 65 or over - even if you feel fit and healthy!
  • Children and adults who suffer any serious medical condition - if you are unsure please check with the GP
  • Children who have previously been admitted to hospital with a chest infection
  • Children attending schools for severe learning difficulties
  • Anyone living in a residential or nursing home
  • Main carers for elderly or disabled people - please ask the GP if you should be vaccinated

Children and the Flu Vaccine

For at-risk children who are between the ages of 2 and 17 they are given the option to take the vaccine as a spray into the nose or as an injection.

Getting an Appointment for the Vaccine

If you are in the surgery's record of falling into any of the categories listed above you will be sent a letter requesting you join us at our designated flu clinic. This is held on the First Saturday of October every year. The medical centre will be opened specifically for you this day.

We are extremely proud of our Flu Clinic and always strive for efficiency with an incredibly quick turnaround.

Some people wish to decline the flu vaccine; if this is you, please let the practice know as soon as possible as we can avoid unnecessary phone calls and letters from being sent.

Unable to Attend the Medical Centre

If you are unable to attend the Medical Centre and fall into a risk category please do not worry. Simply contact the receptionist and we can arrange for a district nurse to call and administer the vaccine for you.

Make a difference while you vaccinate!

Every year during the Flu Clinic, the Medical Centre chooses a charity to promote and support. Please join us in helping a worthy cause, and the refreshments are always a treat while you wait to be immunised.  

Want More Information

You can always talk to your doctor or visit your practice nurse if you have any queries regarding your eligibility for the vaccine, or any general queries you may have.

Alternatively you can visit ;


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